Bryan Thomas

Owner, CEO and Founder of BryCoin Mining and the token, BryCoin

Bryan is the founder, CEO and owner of BryCoin Mining, LLC and his own crypto-currency, BryCoin. He has always had a fascination with the technology world specifically in cryptocurrencies, hardware, and digital assets. He is a self-taught computer guru, including building his own computers, assisting others in building their own computers, learning how to program and write software, and so much more. Bryan has experience in logistics, management, and technology.

Maddi Fagnani

Administrative Assistant

Maddi is the general manager at BryCoin Mining, LLC and has been with the company since its inception. Her background is in political science, communications and insurance (employee benefits). She prides herself in out of the box solutions for any problems BryCoin Mining, LLC may discover. With her background in communication, team management, and creative thinking she has years of experience in problem solving and administrative tasks. Maddi's goal is to create a stable company that will be able to run efficiently and effortlessly.